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Zemtsov Viola Quartet

Together they perform beautiful and seldomly performed classical compositions and arrangements for four violas. All 4 have studied (amongst other) at the Maastricht Conservatory at the great Russian Viola virtuoso Michael Kugel. Each of them has developed a brilliant professional solo-career. Mikhail is soloist at the Residence Orchestra and teaches at the conservatories of The Hague and Utrecht. Julia teaches at the conservatories in Arnhem and Maastricht and stands in regularly as first Viola-player in various well known orchestras. Alexander was, for a long time, soloist at the London Philharmonic Orchestra and teaches at the London Guildhall School of Music and the Viennese Conservatory.Their debut performance was in 2010 at the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam. After this outstanding performance they are unconditionally loved by their international and varied public. The way they express their joy for the pieces they play, the viola, each other and their public makes their concerts very well visited.


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